• Stefan C. Aykut, Jean Foy...
    Frequently presented as a historic last chance to set the...
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  • John Andreas Olsen
    This Whitehall Paper explores the renewed importance of t...
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  • Melinda Cooper
    Why was the discourse of family values so pivotal to the ...
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  • Immigration Detention (Paperback)
    Amy Nethery, Stephanie J....
    Before the turn of the century, few states used immigrati...
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  • One Child (Paperback)
    Mei Fong
    An extraordinary, evocative investigation into the legacy...
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  • Alessandra Mezzadri
    This book explores the processes producing and reproducin...
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  • Exit from Brexit (Paperback)
    George Walden
    Brits have been leaving the UK in search of sunnier, less...
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  • Mapping Central Asia (Paperback)
    Dr. Sebastien Peyrouse, D...
    With renewed American involvement in Afghanistan, Pakista...
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  • The Brexshit Book (Paperback)
    Steven S. Stevens
    Through a series of therapeutic exercises we will overcom...
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  • The Burning Forest (Hardback)
    Nandini Sundar
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  • Whitaker's and Who's Who Our Government 2016 pulls togeth...
  • James Nunn, Jim Nunn
  • Martin Wolf
    Presents analysis of the economic course of the last seve...
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  • Sean Bonney
    Letters Against the Firmament is a user's report on the e...
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  • Tsunami (Paperback)
    Iain Macwhirter
    An fascinating exploration of the momentous 2015 Westmins...
  • The Courage to Act (Hardback)
    Ben S. Bernanke
    Ben S.
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  • Under the Black Flag (Paperback)
    Sami Moubayed
    The inside account of ISIS, including first-hand accounts...
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  • Against the Grain (Hardback)
    Norman Baker
    Against the Grain is a journey through the political care...
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