• Richard Starkings, Axel M...
    Fallen soldiers in downtown Los Angeles take Hip Flask an...
    From £10.52
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  • Head On (Paperback)
    John Scalzi
    The standalone follow-up to the New York Times bestsellin...
    From £5.84
    Save £2.15
  • Eternity (Paperback)
    Matt Kindt, Trevor Hairsine
    Beyond time...
    From £6.19
    Save £2.80
  • Xeelee: Vengeance (Paperback)
    Stephen Baxter
    One of the world's bestselling science fiction authors re...
    From £7.46
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  • Rick Remender, Matteo Sca...
    The Eververse collapsing under its own weight.
    From £9.31
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  • War Mother (Paperback)
    Fred van Lente, Stephen S...
    From £6.19
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  • Dayton Ward
    Based upon Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry and Star...
    From £6.79
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  • Ant Wars (Paperback)
    Gerry Finley-Day, Simon S...
    Ant Wars is an exhilarating take on classic sci-fi B-movi...
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  • Stuart Turton
    `Somebody's going to be murdered at the ball tonight.
    From £11.18
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  • Luna: Wolf Moon (Paperback)
    Ian McDonald
    The BSFA and Arthur C.
    From £7.46
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  • Terrance Dicks, Louise Ja...
    Louise Jameson reads this suspenseful novelisation of a F...
    From £14.56
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  • Alex Paknadel
    The Doctor and Alice must finally face up to the Sapling'...
    From £11.31
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  • World Trigger, Vol. 18 (18) (Paperback)
    Daisuke Ashihara
    You thought your neighbors were bad...but at least they'r...
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  • Douglas Adams, James Goss
    Intergalactic war?
    From £12.47
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  • Ales Kot, Andre Lima Arau...
    Originally published as Generation gone #1-5.
    From £9.82
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  • Jody Houser, Stephen Sego...
    "Collecting Faith and the Future Force #1-4"--Page 4 of c...
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  • Baccano! Vol. 6 (Paperback)
    Ryohgo Narita, Katsumi Enami
    Read the latest installment of the Baccano! light novel s...
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  • Kelly Sue DeConnick, Chery...
    "DeConnick and De Landro present A bitch planet, Book one...
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