• Dragonseed (Paperback)
    James Maxey
    Following on from the events of 'Dragonforge' and the vic...
    From £7.19
    Save £0.80
  • The Host (Paperback)
    Stephenie Meyer
    The SUNDAY TIMES and NEW YORK TIMES bestseller.
    From £7.75
    Save £1.24
  • The Death of Grass (Paperback)
    John Christopher, Robert ...
    At first the virus wiping out grass and crops is of littl...
    From £6.51
    Save £2.48
  • Cyberabad Days (Paperback)
    Ian McDonald
    Extraordinary new fiction set in the future India of RIVE...
    From £6.51
    Save £2.48
  • Firstborn (Book 3) (Paperback)
    Arthur C. Clarke, Stephen ...
    Two of the biggest names in SF together again, with the t...
    From £7.06
    Save £2.93
  • Absolution Gap (Paperback)
    Alastair Reynolds
    Take another awe-inspiring leap into the darkly imagined ...
    From £7.75
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  • Alastair Reynolds
    Two scintillating stories from science fiction's hottest ...
    From £5.95
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  • Pushing Ice (Paperback)
    Alastair Reynolds
    First Contact with extraordinary aliens, glittering techn...
    From £7.75
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  • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (No. 72) (Hardback)
    Robert A. Heinlein
    'The best book Robert A.
    From £8.31
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  • Supernatural (Paperback)
    Keith R. A. DeCandido
    Monster hunters Sam and Dean Winchester head to Key West ...
    From £5.56
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  • Altered Carbon (Paperback)
    Richard Morgan
    An amazingly confident, action-and-violence packed thrill...
    From £8.31
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  • Steve Holland, Don Lawren...
    Featuring work by Don Lawrence - and all 24 pieces of rar...
    From £9.99
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  • Cyclonopedia (Paperback)
    Reza Negarestani
    From £12.56
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  • Supernatural (Paperback)
    Jeff Mariotte
    Twenty-two years ago, Sam and Dean Winchester lost their ...
    From £5.02
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  • Cat's Cradle (Paperback)
    Kurt Vonnegut, Benjamin K...
    Dr Felix Hoenikker is the inventor of 'ice-nine', a letha...
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  • Necronomicon (Hardback)
    H. P. Lovecraft
    The best of H.P.
    From £16.91
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  • Schild's Ladder (Paperback)
    Greg Egan
    A modern masterpiece from 'One of the genre's great ideas...
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  • Suzanne Wood
    From £5.13
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