• The Night Land (Paperback)
    W. H. Hodgson
    From £8.58
    Save £2.41
  • Transformers Classics (Volume 3) (Paperback)
    James Hill, Simon Furman,...
    Includes stories originally printed in "Transformers" UK ...
    From £14.58
    Save £7.92
  • Maximum Ride: Angel (7) (Paperback)
    James Patterson
    Max Ride and her best friends have always had one another...
    From £5.38
    Save £1.61
  • Final Days (Paperback)
    Gary Gibson
    It's 2235 and through the advent of wormhole technology m...
    From £6.12
    Save £1.87
  • Douglas Adams, Tim Marrs
    The mega-cult-blockbuster-bestseller joins the SF Masterw...
    From £6.51
    Save £2.48
  • B.P.R.D. (Volume 3) (Hardback)
    John Arcudi, Guy Davis, D...
    From £20.80
    Save £5.19
  • Philip K. Dick
    Philip K.
    From £5.95
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  • Ryder Wyndham, Chris Trev...
    The Millennium Falcon is the iconic spaceship piloted by ...
    From £8.74
    Save £6.25
  • Aliens Vs. Predator (Paperback)
    Rick Leonardi, Mark Penni...
    From £8.74
    Save £6.25
  • Surface Detail (Paperback)
    Iain M. Banks
    From £7.75
    Save £1.24
  • Veteran (Paperback)
    Gavin G. Smith
    A powerhouse SF debut - a jawdroppingly vivid hell-on-ear...
    From £7.19
    Save £0.80
  • Equations of Life (1) (Paperback)
    Simon Morden
    The start of an explosive new trilogy of thrillers, set i...
    From £6.51
    Save £2.48
  • New Model Army (Paperback)
    Adam Roberts
    A nightmarish vision of future war from a literary master...
    From £6.51
    Save £2.48
  • Dead Space (Paperback)
    Christopher Shy, Antony J...
    The USG Ishimura, the most famous of the Planetcracker cl...
    From £9.69
    Save £3.81
  • The Forge of God (Paperback)
    Greg Bear
    A stunning novel of alien invasion from a master of the g...
    From £5.95
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  • Arthur B. Evans, Istvan C...
    From £23.81
    Save £7.19
  • The Fuller Memorandum (3) (Paperback)
    Charles Stross
    The third book in the 'Laundry' series - the world's only...
    From £5.95
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  • Italo Calvino, Martin McL...
    Includes stories about the evolution of the universe, wit...
    From £8.31
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