• The Walking Dead (v. 3) (Paperback)
    Robert Kirkman, Charlie A...
    An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the glob...
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    Save £2.97
  • James Herbert
    A TV tie-in edition of the huge blockbusting bestseller
    From £7.36
    Save £0.63
  • The Walking Dead (v. 6) (Paperback)
    Robert Kirkman, Charlie A...
    The world we knew is gone.
    From £8.02
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  • The Walking Dead (v. 4) (Paperback)
    Robert Kirkman, Charlie A...
    The world we knew is gone.
    From £7.34
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  • Unholy Dimensions (Paperback / softback)
    Jeffrey Thomas, Peter A W...
    From £8.53
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  • Manitou Blood (Hardback)
    Graham Masterton
    From £16.45
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  • The House of Thunder (Paperback)
    Dean Koontz
    How do you know what is real when you wake into a nightmare?
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  • Henry James, Claire Seymo...
    "The Turn of the Screw" is the classic ghost story for wh...
    From £2.59
  • Uber (Volume 2) (Paperback)
    Kieron Gillen, Caanan White
    Just days from the end of World War II, Nazi Germany reve...
    From £9.09
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  • Rover Red Charlie (Volume 1) (Paperback)
    Garth Ennis, Michael DiPa...
    When a worldwide plague wipes out humanity, what happens ...
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  • Mike Wolfer, Gabriel Rearte
    Features a hardened combat magician, William Gravel who r...
    From £9.09
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  • Lighthouse Hauntings (Paperback)
    Charles Waugh, Martin Gre...
    This book features twelve never before published stories ...
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  • Suckers (Paperback / softback)
    Z Rider
    From £9.59
    Save £1.40
  • Hungers of the Heart (Paperback)
    Jenna Black
    Unlike the Guardians of the Night, Drake feeds on human b...
  • Unchained (Paperback)
    Caris Roane
    Shaina's always hated vampires, but when circumstances th...
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  • Nozomu Tamaki
    From £7.18
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  • Death Defying (Paperback)
    Nina Croft
    Being leader of the known universe isn't all it's cracked...
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  • Sustenance (Hardback)
    Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
    In the late 1940s, the vampire Count Saint-Germain is cau...
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