• Love & Rockets (No. 7) (Paperback)
    Gilbert Hernandez, Jaime ...
    From £7.63
    Save £3.36
  • The Wish Dog (Paperback)
    Stephanie Tillotson, Penny...
  • Yesterday's Hero (Paperback)
    Jonathan Wood
    Another day, another zombie T-Rex to put down.
    From £6.90
    Save £1.09
  • Lose #6 (Paperback)
    Michael DeForge
    The sixth issue of this standalone, multiple award-winnin...
    From £4.78
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  • Monster & Madman (Paperback)
    Damien Worm, Steve Niles
    The year is 1888 and the area of the city known as Whitec...
    From £8.82
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  • Art of Vampirella (Hardback)
    J.Scott Campbell, Alex Ro...
    Since the 1970's, Vampirella has been known as the good-h...
    From £19.51
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  • Baby Bjornstrand (Paperback)
    Renee French
    Baby Bjornstrand is like a monster movie written by Becke...
    From £9.32
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  • Oscar Wilde, Ian Bass
    From its provocative preface, challenging the reader to b...
    From £9.09
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  • Mary Shelley, Martin Stiff
    Begun when the author was only eighteen, and conceived fr...
    From £9.09
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  • Dracula (Hardback)
    Bram Stoker, Louie De Mar...
    A novel that introduces the iconic character of the vampi...
    From £9.09
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  • Hello and Goodbye (Paperback)
    Patrick McCabe
    Two Halloween horrors from the Booker-shortlisted hellrai...
  • Zombies (Paperback)
    Paula Guran, Mike Carey, ...
    From £9.09
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  • The Walking Dead Omnibus (Volume 5) (Hardback)
    Robert Kirkman, Cliff Rat...
    Features 24 issues of the hit series, The Walking Dead, a...
    From £43.96
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  • Dracula (Paperback)
    Bram Stoker, Mort Castle,...
    As part of the Writer's Digest Annotated Classics series,...
    From £11.18
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  • Graham Masterton
    From £19.82
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  • A Love Like Blood (Paperback)
    Marcus Sedgwick
    From £6.90
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  • Dave Wachter, James A. Clark
    From £12.67
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  • Ghostbusters (Volume 8, Part 1) (Paperback)
    Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening
    A Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary celebration that shakes t...
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