• Craig Yoe
    Suitable for any comic horror fan, this is a fun, dark, a...
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  • Love in Hell: Death Life (Vol. 2) (Paperback)
    Reiji Suzumaru
    Upon awakening in the afterlife, Sousuke meets his painfu...
    From £5.82
    Save £4.17
  • Wonderland Volume 10 (Paperback)
    Giorgia Sposito, J. G. Mi...
    The epic battle between the Liddle Family and Wonderland ...
    From £10.86
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  • Joe Hill
    An impossible birthday gift for two little girls unexpect...
    From £8.76
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  • Jay Disbrow
    Working with friend, editor, and colorist L B Cole, Disbr...
    From £14.77
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  • Matthew Roberts, Owen Gie...
    Lewis & Clark didn't lead the first expedition west... no...
    From £8.76
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  • Postal Volume 4 (Paperback)
    Bryan Hill, Isaac Goodhar...
    Does everyone deserve redemption?
    From £8.76
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  • Holy Corpse Rising (Vol. 1) (Paperback)
    Hosana Tanaka
    In Fifteenth Century Rome, witches have declared war agai...
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  • Joe Hill
    Contains the storied history of TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE a...
    From £9.80
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  • Monster Girl Encyclopedia (Vol. 1) (Hardback)
    Kenkou Cross
    Monster Girl Encyclopedia, Volume 1 is the first in a ser...
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  • Al Feldstein
    EC artist Johnny Craig's graphic style is eerily crisp an...
    From £16.75
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  • Robert Kirkman, Charlie A...
    After a devastating encounter with the Whisperers, Rick m...
    From £19.51
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  • Some Will Not Sleep (Paperback)
    Adam Nevill
    From £9.24
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  • God is Dead (v.6) (Paperback)
    Mike Costa, Emiliano Urdi...
    From £9.28
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  • Rover Red Charlie (Volume 1) (Paperback)
    Garth Ennis, Michael DiPa...
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  • S. T. Joshi
    Sixteen all-new stories spring from the concepts of doome...
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  • Robert Kirkman, Charlie A...
    After Rick delivers Carl to Hilltop to start their new li...
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  • Revival (Paperback)
    Stephen King
    The No.
    From £6.85
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