• Barnett R. Rubin
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  • Death by Civilisation (Paperback)
    James Cary
    From £6.77
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  • The Great Tax Robbery (Paperback)
    Richard Brooks
    An acclaimed expose uncovering the UK government's compli...
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  • Politics (Paperback)
    Andrew Heywood
    Stimulating, succinct and accessible, the fully revised a...
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  • Guy Martin
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  • Stephen Maxwell, Owen Dudl...
    This book marks the beginning of the real debate on Scott...
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  • How to be an MP (Paperback)
    Paul Flynn
    A witty and irreverent guide to getting to know life in t...
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  • Pasi Ihalainen, Michael B...
    Illustrated throughout, this book introduces non-Scandina...
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  • Ha-Joon Chang
    Turns received economic wisdom on its head to show you ho...
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  • Cultural Evolution (Paperback)
    Alex Mesoudi
    Covering a range of topics, including fads, public policy...
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  • British Politics (Paperback)
    Robert Leach, Bill Coxall...
    This book provides a concise but definitive introduction ...
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  • Islam's Perfect Stranger (v. 26) (Hardback)
    Edward Thomas
    Mahmud Muhammad Taha was the leader of the 'Republican Br...
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  • Jose Magone
    Introduces students to the development of the EU's role i...
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  • Peter Stalker
    An up-to-date handbook providing an overview of every cou...
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  • Shane Greer
    So You Want to be a Politician is a must read for any fir...
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  • Development (Paperback)
    Anthony Payne, Nicola Phi...
    Just about everyone is 'for' development as an assumed 'g...
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  • Making History (No. 3) (Paperback)
    Alex Callinicos
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  • A History of Modern Britain (Electronic book text)
    Andrew Marr
    The Sunday Times No.1 Bestseller - an authoritative, acce...
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