• Ian Budge, David McKay, K...
    Written by internationally-known specialists from the top...
    From £33.03
    Save £3.96
  • Collusion (Paperback)
    Luke Harding
    MOSCOW, July 1987.
    From £9.60
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  • Moscow Calling (Hardback)
    Angus Roxburgh
    A personal and revealing perspective of Russia by the acc...
    From £11.58
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  • George Monbiot
    What does the good life-and the good society-look like in...
    From £10.41
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  • Alastair Campbell
    From Blair to Brown is the second of four new volumes of ...
    From £13.64
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  • Tim Carr, Robert Waller, ...
    The Politicos Guide to the New House of Commons 2017 is a...
    From £15.86
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  • Everybody Lies (Hardback)
    Seth Stephens-Davidowitz
    Everybody lies, to friends, lovers, doctors, pollsters - ...
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  • Hannah Arendt
    'How could such a book speak so powerfully to our present...
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  • Dominic Wring, Simon Atki...
    This book offers a unique exploration of the 2015 General...
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  • Becky Bond
    Lessons from the groundbreaking grassroots campaign that ...
    From £8.31
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  • Breaking Point (Paperback)
    Gary Gibbon
    In July 2016 David Cameron rolled the dice on Britain's 4...
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  • Alternative (Hardback)
    Lisa Nandy, Caroline Luca...
    A thoughtful analysis of how 'progressive politics' shoul...
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  • Whitaker's 2016 (Hardback)
    Quite simply, Whitaker's 2016 is the perfect book for any...
  • First Lady (Hardback)
    Sonia Purnell
    Through the Churchills' `wilderness years' in the 1930s, ...
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  • David Harvey
    You thought capitalism was permanent?
    From £8.20
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  • Vicky Pryce, Andy Ross, P...
    Pollsters are constantly worrying about our perceptions o...
  • Harry's Last Stand (Paperback)
    Harry Leslie Smith
    The paperback edition of one of this year's most exciting...
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  • Gyles Brandreth
    With an all-star cast, plenty of gossip and some intrigui...
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